Greetings all, Im debating on selling an older combo I have. an HH studio 50, dating from 70's-80's? (maybe someone can tell us more?) and I have no idea what its worth! It has a great sound, back-lit panel STILL works, so its all a nice back-lit blue (rare to find one with a working back-light, that much I DO know ). All knobs function with minimal or no buzz/crackle, and sounds great on my guitars (An Epi LP custom, Aria STG 4 through a zoom GX1.

I know there are collectors and such out there interested in this stuff so any info or pointers would be great.

What should I be asking for this piece of history? I'm in the UK and it would be collection only as its HEAVY! (Dont make em like this any more, thats a fact).