Hi everybody,

i just lauched a new site http://www.cgs-guitars.de

This site is not only for musicans, but also for other artists to promote their art.
Sinde the Site was launched about a week ago there is not much going on right now, but with your help i hope that this site will become one of the mafor sites for newcoming artists of ervery genra.

it is totally free, and i´m trying to make it look like some sort of social network for artists and their fans.

You can sell your music there, promote your band, link with other bads worldwide.

i´d be happy to hear from you.

btw, the page is usually run in german, so if you like to view it in any other langunge it meight look a litte ridiculus, because there is a translation programm running in the background. But don´t worry i´ll try to chage that at least for english!!!

so contact me, or sing up.

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Yeah i know, but i just don´t have the time at hand at the moment to translate it all to english at least.
Well it's going to be hard for me to to find my way around the site as I have chosen spanish over german during my university years
The symphonizer
So, the main part of the age is now translatet to a at least better understandable english, for right now there is only english an german available.

I´still have to translate the posts, but hopefully i´ll get done this week.