Tubes amps. They sound fine at lower volume but when cranked the bass and higher treble are left behind. The mids are focused in the lower mids and uselessly harsh. Anyone know what this is all about. ?
Old tubes? Issue with the guitar? Speakers? Personal preference? Just happens to happen on the two amps that you have? You're not giving us much to work with.

I wouldn't say at all that this is an issue with tube amps in general.
Not sure if it's what you mean, but guitars in general are mainly mid rangey sounding and bass frequencies get into distortion before mid ones.
And speakers designed for guitars aren't really the flattest response speakers...

So since mid range stuff is the thing that's present in higher quantity, you'll mostly hear that when you raise the volume because the combination of amp and speakers isn't that good at reproducing frequencies so low and so high at such volumes.
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I've tested for the above conditions but with little decisive effect.

I might say it's like a squawk in it's broad peakiness but centred in the 500-700 hz range (very roughly, off the top of my head). I also thought it might be the size of the room but they still do it in larger spaces. No such problem with my DRRI or SS amps.