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The longest Iv'e ever stayed awake was a little over 26 hours. I was surprised when I woke up I had only slept for 9 hours, thought it would have been longer. What's the longest you have stayed awake ?
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I haven't slept in 23 years

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48 hours.
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About 50 hours I think. Anxiety disorders really come in handy when you need to stay up. Wasn't even tired.
The sleep is so much better when you hadn't slept in 24+ hours.

I probably did this 4-5 times when I played video games.

World of Warcraft, Ravenshield, Everquest II, etc.
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I've never stayed up all night lol. Sleep means too much to me.

for srs?
Just this past weekend I was up over 26 hours... Got to make out with a hot Irish chick too

The longest is about 45 hours... Just partying though, no kind of disorder
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probably like 40 hours straight. In like 5th grade I wanted to pull an all nighter just so I can say I did it, and like fell asleep early the night after at like 7pm
about 40 hours
I hate doing all nighters cos it really fucks me up for a couple of days afterwards, I'm not really up to it any more. Still happens by accident occasionally though.
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Like 40+ when I had mono. I slept about 6 hours in a week

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Pretty close to 2 full days. Not quite 48 hours, but it was too close.
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Two days at the very most. With short intermittent sleeps I could probably make it for 3 or 4.
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Somewhere between 40-50 hours. I passed out somewhere in between that range. Not enjoyable in the slightest. All reason goes out the window.
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Funny this thread comes now. Just in the past two days I was up the longest I've ever been. I think it was 40 hours straight. Weird cuz even when I had the chance to sleep I stayed up till 5 am last night playing poker.
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I don't think I have ever actually skipped a night of sleep. Certainly fallen asleep well into the morning, but that's probably the extent of it.
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i stay up for up to 3 days on the reg, i'm ******ed
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I've done about 36 hours twice. Once was when I went to France (I can't sleep on planes) and I had a full day of school there.
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for srs: 24 hours

When i was about 7 or 8 i think, i took a ride up to ohio with my aunt and was gonna stay at her place for the weekend. Well, i thought that the trip was going to take all day so i stayed up all night, thinking i could just sleep all the way there.

Ohio is only an hour out from where i live.
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48 give or take a few hours either side, I thought it would help me finish work. I did finish it but it was utter dogshit.
like 30 hrs max. I got huge jetlag when I traveled last summer. I just stayed up and watched movies. It kinda sucked.
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(Don't even ask what it means)

There was one week where I was really ill, and my throat was so swollen I couldn't swallow my own saliva, so I'd have to spit it out every few minutes. I slept like 10 hours in that whole week, so...a lot I guess?

Willingly though, 48 hours ish.
like 5 and a half hours
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over a week.

Towards the end i was having aural and visual hallucinations. it was pretty wild.

actually one of the greatest times of my life.
ayy lmao
4 days, 3 nights.
I'm not a huge sleeper anyway, probably get around 4-5 hours a night on most days. My brain just has better things to be occupied with than sleeping, so I always push it til I'm barely keeping my eyes open.
During my thesis completion. It was close to full two days.
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