I may be able to get a good deal on a used orange ad50 custom shop with ppc412 cab in a few months and was wondering what the best way to set this up would be if I did so.

I tend to use a fair amount of delay to liven up lead lines a bit and this is a worry for me with the lack of effects loop, would this be a major problem?

I currently run an ac30 for dirty and clean, however if I were to get this amp I would run the ac30 clean and the ad50 as the dirty amp, what would be the best way to go about doing this , (current signal chain in sig).

Does anyone have any opinions on this amp, I've played one and it seems absolutely fantastic to me but are there any known problems or anything?

The music I look to play is fairly low to medium gain pop rock in the vein of Deaf Havana, Kids In Glass Houses and Frank Turner, of which both Deaf Havana and Kids In Glass Houses have been known to use orange so this leads me to think they're probably the sort of amp that I'm looking for.
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A good ABY switch should have you covered. Just put it after the pedals you want to use on both amps, then put any pedals you want to use on only one in each amp's line out from the ABY.

I liked the AD as well, no advice on any reliability factors, although Orange has generally put out pretty reliable stuff.
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