Don't know what to say. Wrote this in a few days. I kind of started it trying to write something in the style of Beardfish but then i got sidetracked into my usual progressive nonsense. I guess it's been a while since I posted or something, whatever, listen and comment plox :3 C4C as always!
Cat's Cradle.zip
Okay I listened to it

Pretty ambiant, i'm not reallyinto this kind of music, though i really like the 7/8 parts (espacially the last one), and the riff starting ar the 164th bar
But to be honest i found that outro quite weak...
oh shit i promissed a crit and didnt do it, im so sorry broseph

will do it in a bit
itll be hard for me to give a genuine crit since this isnt my cup of tea, but ill try my best

well, its certainly...wacky, to say the least. its chaotic for sure, maybe a bit too much. some of the wacky chords were cool; the part at measure 130 reminded me of a spazzy version of some ape-escape music (love that game, and the music). the opening riff up to measure 15 was pretty damn cool, but a lot of other parts were kind of try-hard sounding. the part at measure 279 bugged me a lot, but then again i wasnt really a fan to begin with. id say my biggest annoyance was how repetitive the song was. if i were you, id shorten up a lot of parts

all in all, dont take my input too seriously, i tried my best to give you a legitimate critique, despite the fact that personally, i really didnt like it. if this really is your style, stick with it bro