So I've played electric guitar for almost 6 years and during the past few months I have been learning how to play acoustic guitar. I have a pin bridge guitar with steel strings, but I decided I want to try out nylon strings to see how they sound. I was careless when looking for nylon strings though and accidentally bought ones without a ball end. I decided to cut the ball ends off of the steel strings and loop the nylon strings through them, but I am not quite sure how to make a secure not that won't slip as I play. Can someone help me?
I'm not sure nylon strings even come with the ball end... Anyway, you could probably just make a knot or two at the end of the string instead of using the end from different strings. Should probably work fine i think. Altough i have never had this particular issue before.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
Oh is that so? How would I go about tying the knot then? I feel like each knot I try would slip when I play.
Pretty much any knot will do on the wound ones. On the plain ones use a fishing knot, they're designed for slippery nylon line. Shouldn't slip anyway, even with a reef knot because it's jammed up against the bridge pin.
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I'm fairly certain you can buy classical strings with ball ends. Just look for "nylon ball end" guitar strings.