hey guys, just looking for some opinions on muting high strings when picking (to mute unwanted string noise from strings you are not playing). I know there is no perfect or right way to do this, i would just like to hear whats working for some of you and why you prefer certain techniques. I mute my low strings with my thumb (picking hand), this works great for me and i have no intention of changing this. As for the higher strings i was using the fingers on my picking hand to mute them for a long time. I have however stopped doing this because it was a real hassle for sweep picking and didn't allow me to sweep smoothly. I know a lot of people mute higher strings with the fretting hand and some mute with the palm. I am still undecided on which route to go down. Any opinions are much appreciated.
You should practice both palm muting and left hand muting. Both can be very effective, especially when sweeping. When sweeping, use palm muting when ascending and left hand muting when descending.
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with picking hand mostly i do palm muting... it's much easier than only using your thumb..