I ask this because during intonation, I can tune my strings to be in tune with a note, but usually off by nothing more than 2 cents, is this fine? Or does it have to be dead centre all the time?
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Just let it be off a few cents. Otherwise you’ll drive yourself crazy constantly trying to make it perfect.
2 cents is going to be barely noticeable if its noticeable at all. that's just fine if you can get it within that range.

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With such small amounts it could easily be because you don't press it down perfectly.

A bit to the side or a bit too hard which slight changes the intonation.

Not questioning your technique, but you press it down by nature towards your thumb behind the neck, and if it's not centered ur fingers will go toward it in a angle relative to the fret. Might be so small you can't see it, but we are talking on such small scale here eh

I don't know about this one, but perhaps the vibration itself slides it oh so slightly on the fret, or plainly just the pitch itself.. Could be possible seeing as it's an oscillation by it's very nature, which goes in and out through the centre.

Depending if it's on the same fret or not, it could be because of non perfect fret work (or fretwork that has been flatted due to your own playing) something which can easily happen within a few years.

lastly.. You could have a average tuning device. it might say it's accurate on the cent, but it also depends how fast it can react/analyze to be totally accurate.

If it really bugs you though, you could try strings with a higher tension, but I'd really just let it be.

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