Hello, this is my first time posting on the forum, so if I am doing anything wrong, please let me know!
I have had an old BC Rich Warlock Bronze for a few years now, ive put new pickups in a few times to try to get a new sound, but now I think I want to try to build a guitar!

I know next to nothing on the subject, but I havr been looking around at some bodies and necks etc. I have found a body I like, but am pretty clueless when it comes to the neck. I plan on putting two humbuckers(bridge-active, neck-vintagey) and a single coil in the middle(for a fernandes sustainer). For the bridge I plan on putting a Floyd Rose Special on. I would like to paint it a matte black.

I play mostly alternative stuff like Muse, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers etc.

So what do you guys think?

Almost forgot to add a link to the body I was looking at(the kpac-spl) http://www.kneguitars.com/rr_bod.php#solohome
Certainly building a "partscaster" is a good idea for a first build. But beware, it can be addictive.

These are my thoughts on what you've outlined so far.

In my opinion, the neck is the single biggest influence on how a guitar feels to play. Spend some time in local music stores trying different guitars out to get a feel for what works best for you. Thick or thin, wide or narrow, curved or flat. That should help you when it comes to picking one for your project. On that score, does KnE not do necks to go with their bodies? As I have discussed elsewhere, pairing up random necks and bodies can be a tricky affair.

Pickup selection is entirely up to you, but you should be aware that actives will require extra routing for the battery and electronics and also, while possible, mixing actives and passives can introduce further complications for the electrical hookup. Similarly for the Fernandes FSK-401 (which is what I assume you're looking at), in which case I would think it most straightforward to just use their "optional" humbucker.

Many people would shy away from a Floyd on their first build but honestly, if you're getting a pre-routed body, it really shouldn't be any more complex than a vintage strat trem.

Matt finishes look sexy. I've no idea how easy they are to achieve or how well they wear.

Best of luck with the project. Keep us posted.