I own a Marshall AS 50 R acoustic amp. Probably 10-12 years old? Not that many hours of use for its age

Recently it has started to suddenly go out (doesn't shut off but goes silent, usually with a scratchy sounding moment as it goes silent). If I shut the amp off and then turn it back on it USUALLY comes right back. But the problem seems to be getting worse.

It sounds like it should be a simple and cheap repair. (I'm totally incapable of fixing anything myself). I was wondering if anyone can tell me whether this is true and how much it might cost to fix.

I've been playing mostly my electrics through it (using a Boss G3X) and I'm going to buy a more appropriate amp for electrics anyway, so I'm wondering whether it's worth it to me to get this Marshall fixed. It is (Was?) a nice amp.

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As you say, probably a simple fix.

Take it to a tech and see what they tell you.
My guess is either bad or dirty pots. Or some solder joints on the pots/jacks are cracked and need to be reflowed.