i just picked up a brand new 1960a cab and i am in the market for a new head. i am a Marshall tone guy and i will be using the same rig live in 2 different bands. one of my bands plays cleaner more laid back kinda stuff (think buckethead's soothsayer and guthrie govan style), while my other band plays modern "metalcore" in drop-c type stuff (think darkest hour or as i lay dying). i know the jvm410hjs can nail the cleaner less over driven tones that i am looking for. and i know it is a very versatile amp, but my main question is, can this amp do modern "metalcore" tones with very high gain??? notice i did not include the original JVM because i cannot stand the feedback and noise it produces. would i have to run an additional overdrive pedal to get the tones im after???
I've got just the standard 205 version and I'd say it can do modern gain well. An OD is more of a tone sculpting tool on that amp than a necessity. Depends on what tone you're after really
You need to look at a Splawn Nitro if you want a marshally amp that will do metalcore
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