Face to face, the response always seems disingenuous to me, so it would be really nice if I could get some honest feedback/constructive criticism on the songs I wrote here, which are solo at the minute but I'm looking to play with a band once I find the right members (half way there at the minute)

Anyway, here's the link, sorry if I waffled https://soundcloud.com/felix-kelly-music
The first thing that comes to my mind here is that you should take a couple singing lessons and be less shy - raise the damn volume of your voice, either singing louder or raising the gain in the recording.
Also, that lone solo in aftertaste is really out of place.
I mean it sounds soooo damn empty, so I'd either remove it or get a looper to have something underneath it.

As for the recording quality, I'd add a tad of reverb and some sample delay to the guitar part, or any other way to make it sound wider, whatever you prefer.
The voice doesn't sound good but I guess it's mostly because of the singing, I'd say the thing would change from night to day if you just got that better.
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Personally, I think the loudness of your voice is fine. But it's sort of boring and even almost monotone in some places.

In fact, (if your aim is to become a well known/respected artist) you're songs in general are too boring.

I'm not saying they are bad. They are actually for the most part pleasant.

But there's nothing that really jumps out as being particularly unique or interesting about any of your style to the point where I would get excited about what you're doing and want to find more and share with friends.

( I just listened to a couple songs)