Hey all.

I live in an old Georgian house with century-old wiring (probably) and, as a result, I can't record anything whithout sqealing noise that matches the actual signal in volume. Is there some adapter, technique or VST I can use to get rid of this?

(I know it's the mains because it disapears when I use my laptop and unplug it, sadly the battery life is knackered so I can't just record everything unplugged.)
How are you recording, with what equipment... ?

Because unless you're connecting the audio interface or mixer or microphone or whatever recording equipment, the bad current shouldn't really affect the sound.

Anyway, to get rid of bad current you want a power conditioner.
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Oh sorry, I'm using an M-Adio Fast Track (a usb soundcard for microphone and guitar.

Is there a certain respected brand or cheap option I can go for? Or are they all the same?
There are things like the Nady HE-1 Hum Eliminator. Musicians Friend sells it for $33.00.