Hey there, Pit.

Six more weeks have gone by since the last compilation, so here is the second volume:

For those of you who haven't heard of the Songwriting Game:
Everyone has a week to write a song and post it in our group page; we then leave it to The Pit to decide which song was the best of the week.

The focus of the game is on the composition/songwriting, rather than the quality of the performance or the recording, which is why the recordings might sound a bit rough.

The winners and runner-ups in each week get to appear on a compilation album.

Here's our group page, if you want more info or if you want to join.

Songs on the album by: Skinny91, FoOltz, whywefight, Joshua1207, sickman411, macashmack, chev311e, Faux, nico_9550, captainsnazz

Other participants in weeks 7 to 12: Duaneclapdrix, SaintVitus, ehbacon, manualex, stratkat, Minicaxotinho

Minicaxotinho - songwriting game concept/group admin/weekly thread maker
Joshua1207 - compilation album idea
sickman411 - compilation compiler

You can check out Vol. 1 here.
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Cool beans, I'll give this a listen soon. Thanks Sickman, appreciate the job well done.
That was an enjoyable listen. Probably better than the first one, which I guess it really should be.
Quote by sickman411
Wait, would that be his artist name?

Also, is the direct download link working?

yeah sure
Ah right. Anyway, I'll change it on Bandcamp but I'll wait a bit to see if anyone else speaks up before I change the download link, since I'll have to replace the entire file. Also, do you want your songs together to be under whywefight/Exactly That or do I just change Mirrors?
Quote by whywefight
You can put them all under Exactly That
But wait, do I put the both of you under that name or just FoOltz?
Erm, the links aren't there for me, it's just plain text. I want to experience the goodness.

Volimo vas, brda tvrda i stravi─Źne vaše klance

Koji nikad ne poznaše sramotnoga ropstva lance.

It's fixed now. This happened with the previous one as well. After a couple of weeks, the links become plain text and I just have to press edit and save changes without changing anything at all, and they're restored.
Thanks m8, much appreciated.

Volimo vas, brda tvrda i stravi─Źne vaše klance

Koji nikad ne poznaše sramotnoga ropstva lance.