Do you listen for polyphonic elements in music? If so, what has been your favorite instance of it?
Are u serious?

Edit: Nvm

I listened to some Mahler's 5th yesterday.. Great interplay between the french horn and string section.

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no, i don't listen for polyphonic elements. i simply identify them when they are presented to me.

pretty much anything by bach will do you right in the way of polyphony, or, if you want to go back to the renaissance, the style has its mastery in the works of palestrina. even mozart's requiem has a lot of polyphonic elements in it, which was not very much in accordance with the prevalent style during the latter half of the 18th century. there are many great examples of contrapuntal masters but it's pretty safe to say that polyphony reached its apex in the works of bach. listen through the first kyrie in bach's mass in B minor and you'll see exactly what i mean.
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