Where can I find them? where can I buy em' online? is there any good online dealer? Thank you so much.
yes, as far as I can tell, the Casino is the only remaining model from the Elitist series. They still make them, but I guess they are made in considerably smaller numbers than most other epiphones so aren't as easy to obtain.
Rig Winter 2017:

Fender Jazzmaster/Yamaha SG1000
Boss TU-3, DS-2, CS-3, EHX small stone, Danelectro delay
Laney VC30-112 with G12H30 speaker, or Session Rockette 30 for smaller gigs
Elixir Nanoweb 11-49 strings, Dunlop Jazz III XL picks
Shure SM57 mic in front of the amp
I just ordered one from Sweewater. Sunburst, in stock, Natural: Not! $1999.00 with free pedal power station.