Hey guys,

I got this classical guitar http://www.thomann.de/ie/fender_esc105_educational_44.htm recently and I love it to bits, I just wanted something small and handy, and it works like a charm. I don't use classical guitars for playing classical guitar I just like the feel of them and the nylon strings for playing acoustic folky stuff and what not. So I was wondering have any of you ever made a classical guitar into a semi-acoustic? micing it up inside and adding a guitar lead jac etc... do you guys think it would work on my small fender one? and roughly how much does it cost?
Shouldn't be difficult at all to add any of the nice piezo-type pickups. However, to get a nice installation with a quality pickup, it's going to cost you as much as your guitar.
The K&K Pure Min:
Is very well thought of but as you can see it's a hundred bucks and you must needs hire a luthier to install it properly as your end block will have to be drilled out to accept the jack.

There are cheaper ways to go, of course; the simplest is a 30-ish dollar stick-on pickup like this one:

They work OK, but they are rather fragile... You have to mind the cord carefully or they can pull right off.
Sound-hole pickups will likely not work; most are magnetic and need steel strings.
Also, internally-mounted microphones are expensive.