I have mostly played classical / nylon guitar, with fingers not pick, and with some fingerpicking. Now that I'm playing electric more, I'm always using pick. I just cannot intonate strongly, get good tone with my fingers. So fingerpicking is out.

I've seen guitarists who get really fast / accurate with pick jumping between strings and being able to play fast/complex parts that way, but for some stuff it would just seem easier to fingerpick.

Possible solutions

1. Growing out nails on strumming hand (?) I think to get them long enough to really get pick-like tone, they'd have too be too long for my comfort. I've seen guitarists who have those nails quite long, and it's just not a look that I like.

2. Getting those picks that go over each finger. I guess it would be a learning curve. I'm not sure they stay on well enough, are angled good enough, to really function well on electric guitar, but I don't have personal experience.

3. Changing strings? I thought perhaps the steel / electric strings I'm using now may be particularly bad for playing with fingers, and there might be string options that work better, allow for better tone playing with fingers rather than pick. I have no idea if this is true, just would be perhaps the easiest "fix" if this could actually work.

Anyone have thoughts on the above, or other fix for this?

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Hybrid picking is pretty cool. I've just started to learn and I'm picking it up decently. Nails, Jazz picks, lower gauge strings. 9's are good.

Maybe watch this as a start, get the best of both worlds. You can get into chicken pickin' too!

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I started on electric with a pick and then played classical for several years. I ran into the same problem as you- the classical technique doesn't quite work on electric.

Fingerpicks are a bad idea. They have a terrible tone and will feel unnatural.

I ended developing a different fingerstyle approach for electric to get good tone. Staccato playing doesn't really work well on electric, in order to play fast lines you need to use legato. I you want to study a player that uses fingerstyle friendly lines on electric, check out Mark Knopfler from dire straits. Tuck Andress is the most skillfull electric fingerstyle player I can think of today. Wes Montgomery is also worth studying.

If you still want to play with a pick, i would suggest hybrid picking.

My grip is different on electric then classical. On electric you will need to mute and dampen string much more with your left hand.