Hey guys, I was gonna put a new pair of 6L6's in my amp. I was looking for the best sounding tubes there are. Any suggestions?
^ that or RCA and they are not exactly cheap, but no where near as expensive as NOS Genelex KT66 or Mullard el34's

The genelex KT66 would be awesome, but they are hard to find and super expensive
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Best 6L6 money can buy? I have some sweet NOS RCA tubes I would be willing to part with for $40k each.

Or you could get a matched pair of JJs for about $50 and you will require extremely golden ears to hear the difference. Oh yes there is a difference so if money is no object, I'll send you my paypal acct #. :cool
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Isn't much of a difference in sound. But if you buy NOS, they usually last a hell of a lot longer than JJ or any other shitty tube made today. That's usually the main pitch of NOS tubes.

Pay $200 for a duet of NOS that will last you 15 years, or pay $50 for a duet that last you anywhere between 1-3 years.
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The best 6L6's I've used myself were British Brimars. But the real answer would have to be Telefunken.
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