someones trying to trade an Orange TH30 for my 5150 head. which amp do yall suggest i go with? i play in a post hardcore or metalcore kinda band.. but also record more mainstream stuff with synths and keys.. i hear that an Orange with an overdrive pedal can sound just as good as a distorted 5150 for heavier sounds.. any truth to that?

That is a terrible trade for you. The 5153 is way nicer. I like the TH30 and I've owned both the head and the combo, but if you play post hardcore and metalcore type shit stick to the 5153. Seriously.
Seriously? Everyone seems to be wanting to get 5153s. The TH30 is a little more but that's because Orange stuff is super overpriced. Based on the genre being played there is no way the TH30 is better. haha
I know value is always an issue, but whether or not it fits you is a different question. I love my TH30, but would not recommend it for what you are after. If you started a thread about a new amp and gavel your genre I would bet that the TH30 would not get mentioned. Great amp, just not what you are after.
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You'd be nuts to make that trade, keep the 5150.
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Keep it, the TH30 is good for other stuff.
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I have a TH30 and you can play metalcore or post hardcore perfectly fine with it. It has tons of gain and takes a TS really nicely in my opinion. It will never sound as tight as a 5150, but that doesn't mean you can't play metalcore with it.

That said, I'd only do it if you want the Orange-type tone. If not, keep the 5150. It'll be better out of the box for the mainstream stuff as well.
Keep the 5153. TH30s won't come close to the type of sound you want if you bought the 5153.
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