I plan on getting the Ibanez RG1XXV or the ESP LTD MH-1000 Deluxe. I started out with an Ibanez gax70. I've been hearing a lot of good stuff about ESP. I like to play metal, rock, and blues. We don't have those models in my country so my uncle who's a musician, will buy it for me in the U.S. Do you guys have any recommendations? What should I get? I have really small hands..like an 11 yr old.

Ibanez RG1XXV

ESP Ltd MH-1000 deluxe
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The trem on the LTD is better (it'll last longer/most likely won't ever wear out).

The pickups on the LTD are a lot better.

The craftsmanship on the LTD is probably better, though it may be a non issue.

The trem on the Ibanez is a cooler and more innovative design.

They will feel a lot different. The flat top and angles of the strap pins on the RG make the guitar sit a lot differently on you compared to the carved top on the MH (I have an RG520 and an H-301 currently, have owned an RG120, RG320, and MH-400 in the past).

There's a lot of preference involved in your decision, which we can't inform you on other than pointing out how they differ.

Despite how many I've owned, I'm not a big RG fan, and I find the Horizon type models to be vastly more comfortable to play and hold.

That said a lot of my preference does have to do with the neck carve. The typical flat Ibanez necks hurt my hand badly and cause it to cramp - the Thin U carve on the LTDs is virtually a perfect match to my hand. So that is a large factor as well.
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