I just wanted to see what the general opinion on these badboys is
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UG doesn't seem to really like active pickups that much. Probably because you can get just as tight a sound with passives.

Of course, there is a rather large negative stigma among experienced guitarists for active pups, mainly because the core people that tend to use them buy BC Rich guitars with a really crappy floyd, run a Boss metalzone through the front of their Line6 Spider (or if they can actually afford it, a 6505), and scoop mids because it gets them "teh brootz". And then doth proceed to sound like my toilet in a live setting.

I've given actives a try, but couldn't bond with the sound of EMGs or SD Blackouts.

Just my two cents.
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I was reading an article today about how actives came out when high gain amps weren't as readily available. I'd say it depends on your amp. I prefer my passive SD Jazz with my 5150 as the amp has so much gain the pickups don't need to overcompensate. What's your amp and the rest of your setup?
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Playing with both kinds of pick-ups , I've found that sometimes (depending on the amp) active pups can negate the need for an OD up front.