New to the forums, so not sure this was the right place to post this, but here goes.

I've got an old Washburn i got as a present 9 years ago, that I'm now looking to sell. I think it cost like 400-500 dollars originally. I posted it online on bidding site of my home country (Finland) for around 180 dollars, and got quite a few requests. After doing a little more research, it appears that the model of my guitar is the cs-780 (jep, didn't even know the exact model for 10 years). As it turns out, they're not manufacturing it anymore, and I've seen some estimates much higher than my own for price of this guitar. The whammy-bar is missing, but i suppose it wouldn't be too difficult to replace that. One of the knobs has also fallen off, which could take away from the value a little more.

Basically what I'm wondering, where would you guys put the value of this guitar?

I have a white Washburn cs 780 I just got it for $180 off of Musicgoround, and it's in great condition. That's a sweet looking guitar! I've never seen a green one before. You can probably get at least $250 or more for it. You never know what someone will pay for it. It's a very very rare guitar. I've seen them even go for as much as $600 on ebay.