Can someone please tell me about this guitar?

I've found a mint condition used one that i'm very appealed to take. I Will take the guitar to the ibanez retailer here to get them to verify that this guitar is authentic ( It comes with a certificate of authenticity but i'm guessing that can be faked ? )

http://www.ibanez.co.jp/products/page13_jp.php?data_id=64&color=CL03&year=2013&cat_id=1&series_id=30 ,.

He's asking for 2170$ , is this a fair deal? Thanks

Last but not least, can serial numbers be faked?

Does this seem genuine?

Pictures :

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Been interested in buying one of those for a while. (New from Japan 2000$+shipping+tax)
I've heard so much good about those guitars..

It is genuine. I've seen many below 2000$. ~1800$
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looks legit to me, too. I'm no expert and don't quote me on that (and it's hard to tell from pics anyway). but the flame goes the full width of the figured top, which means if it is a fake it's a pretty good one.
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