People of A&CG! I'm in search of a new acoustic! One of my dad's friends has a Takamine and loves it, I've played it and I really like it...However, I'm on a tight budget, I stumbled across the Jasmine S-35...(Jasmine is to Takamine as Epiphone is to Gibson). Anyone have one of these? I've read good things, but I'm kinda iffy about it, it only being around $100...

Anything? Anyone?
Takamine has a wide price range in and of itself. In their case, I think the mid line is built around Asia, and their high end pieces are built in Japan. Not exactly Epiphone /Gibson, with their Asia / US relationship of location / price, but similar I suppose.

What I'm saying, (I think), is most of Takamine relates to Epiphone more closely than to its high end or Gibson. Garth Brooks has played Takamines for years and years.

Incidentally though, the upper tier Takamines are showing up in fairly large quantities around Nashville, replacing the old standard Gibsons. Taks have great electronics, and seen to very work well for live performance

In any event, the "Jasmine" series are all laminate tops, as one would expect at that price point.

Many believe that Yamaha has the best offerings in the low end. But, the guitar most often recommended here, is the "FG-700", and it is double the price of the Jasmine in question.

To be fair, the Jasmine series doesn't get trashed around here. More like, "they're OK for the price". There is a lot of real trash at the $100.00 price point though. It's probably mostly OEM fare, custom named for a given store. Sort of like, buy a 100 units, have your custom brand put on them, and become a big time music dealer on Ebay.

My best advice, is to try the low price Taks and Yamahas, and make a decision based on your impressions of sound and playability.
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