Ok so I found the Japanese Math Rock band Toe and absolutely love their music. Would anybody happen to know any other good Math Rock bands?
Not like that exactly lol it's called math rock for it's complex rhythm sections mostly putting drums at the forefront of the mix
Here are more J post/math bands in the same vein as Toe:
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For a bigger variety within the genre:
-Tera Melos (From Sacramento, They're pretty eclectic and can be hard to get into, but definitely worth the exposure)
-Giraffes? Giraffes! (Guitar/Drums two piece from PA?, really good stuff)
-This Town Needs Guns (Now they go by TTNG, hail from England)
-Arcane Roots (They Have math elements mixed with post hardcore)
-Planets (Bass/Drum two piece from Napa, Ca. The bass player is a good friend of mine, and they are quite incredible)
-Icarus the Owl (Arguably Prog/Pop but they're definitely Mathy in execution)

And the Classics, if you want to dive into the history of Math:
-Don Caballero

I know that's a lot, and it's only off the top of my head, but it should be enough to get you started.