I am a guitarist and bassist. I have tried to play drums with no success. My band consist of me and a vocalist so I have to write out drum parts in a program called TuxGuitar. Could anybody give me suggestions on how I could improve my drum writing. You can hear some of it on my profile under the mp3's.
Hello there friend !

I'm not a drummer neither. Unfortunately, us guitarists and bassists will be narrowed in creativity while writing drums ( du to the playing limits, if you don't know how to play an instrument, all that is left is theory ), but that doesn't stop us from writing straight forward nice beats. It won't be gavin harisson level, but it will still be decent.

Some cool tricks :

A drummer actually taught me this trick, for each palm mute, do a kick. Sounds simple and in the mix it sounds pretty neat.

Another drummer taught me this : Don't crash every starting bar, hit a crash on important rhythmical changes to accentuate the transition from chord X to chord Y.
The symphonizer
Feel it out dude, I'm stumbling and what not but I just take cues from songs I know and just kinda try to make things transition and sound one part goes with the next. It also helps I have Superior Drummer's ridiculous library of fills and grooves to help me, but still just feel it out, thats gonna be the best tool you can have in your arsenal.
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Tutorial: Studio Quality Programmed Drum Sounds
I was going to give you an answer about how to get some formulaic but reasonable sounding drums made on TG, but after listening to some of your stuff I'd say you already had that down.

I think the main thing you're missing is variety, since the drum tracks on your profile all sound like it could the same 4 bars of drums repeated for pretty much the entire song. Think about how the overall dynamic changes, and have the drums do the same. Also don't be afraid to experiment with different fills.

If you've got any songs written completely in TG, I'd be happy to have a look at them and see what drums I'd put down in there
But we do all agree that having an actual drummer can be quite a relief for us ?
The symphonizer
Having a good drummer will help you out a lot, but if you have a not so good drummer, or one who doesn't know the genre very well, you could still get a better result by listening to existing examples and trying to mimic those.
Thank you every one that was helpful and insightful. I'll keep in mind to try and have a variety of change for the next song I start writing drums to.