Hey guys, I have two post rock songs up here and I just want to know what you guys think. I know I need to work on my mixing in general but is the songwriting and structure of the song itself any good? I really struggle to make any progression when I'm writing this sort of stuff and it feels like I'm staying on the same part too long but I just wanted to get your opinions

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It’s good man, your playing is on the money and you create some nice sound scapes. I Enjoy listening to soundscape- post rock stuff when I’m beating around the house, get my creative juices flowing for whatever I’m doing.
Sorry for using the words ‘beating’ and ‘juices ‘ in my comment. :-P
Critiquing Empty:

Very ethereal sounding, I love it.

Around 1:26, I think things need to start changing. Not drastically, I think it should just start building. You do start building up more towards the end of the track, but I think you could start doing it a little earlier to make it more interesting. Now, I'm not here to tell you how to write your music, but here's the first things I would try with my own track to achieve this; maybe you can experiment with these, it'd help you practice your production in general.

You could begin increasing the feedback on your delays (or whatever it's called on your delay, it's the setting that decides how much the signal is reduced each time it repeats). I would do it on the background guitar tracks rather than the lead ones. If you gradually increase the feedback of the delay on those backing guitars, it will make the lush soundscape you have developed by that point grow even more, and become more powerful. At least, hopefully; maybe I'm wrong and it'd just sound like poop.

Another way I'd consider going about it is overdubbing some extra guitars. One of the first things I'd try is recording a harmony to one of the single note backing guitar parts, and have the harmony slowly fade in when you want the track to start building up.

What you have is beautiful, I just think it could be even better.

Critiquing Remember:

Another great, EITS-esque soundscape. I'm glad you have drums in this one, they really improve the track when they come in. (on a side note, maybe try some light cymbal rolls or something in the background of Empty towards the end to make it build-up and sound fuller)

Your guitar tone is perfect for Post-Rock, by the way. I love the lead parts that come in at the end of the progression at the part starting around one minute in; it's a nice hook.

To me, it feels like this song needs a climax. It's great as it is, but I think if there was a heavier part, it could be amazing. Just my two cents.

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