I have been tweaking my pedal board recently, switching stuff out that fits my style a little better. Today at rehearsal my bass player told me that I have a great sound but its very noisy. I agree with him.

So first off, here's my FX in order from guitar to amp with information about each piece:

Strobe tuner - quiet
OC-3 octave - quiet
Ernie Ball Wah - quiet
Line 6 Otto Filter - quiet

Now it gets interesting...

Boss DS-1 - not really a DS-1 as it has been completely modded. Extremely noisy.
Electro Harmonix Booster - noisy
Line 6 Liqua Flange - quiet
Ice Box Chorus - noisy
Boss AC-2 acoustic modeler - quiet

I power all of my pedals with plugs, no batteries. Line out goes straight to the input on my amp. I also use the foot switch for the preamp on my head. Not often, but handy when I need just a little drive. My amp is a solid-state, non-modeling Crate GS-something. Great tone, just can't handle the noise.

Checked out two noise gates today, the Decimator and a Rocktron Hush. Nice, but I would rather do exhaust every option before investing in another pedal.

The effects loop is an option but my switch is plugged in there. Any suggestions about how to kill the noise but not my sound? By the way, I have used pedals for years, but never such a long signal chain. Lead guitarist took a vacation from the band and, well, I had to step up for awhile. Found my tone and liked it, just need to kill some noise.
Get an insulated power supply and stop using the line out from the AC2.
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How much noise are we talking about? Like when you stop playing is it just a little hum, or is it enough that you have to turn off all your distortions, or mute the signal when not playing?

I just ask because I use a daisy chain to power 8 pedals on my board, and I haven't had any issues with noise. I mean, if I have my amp on the dirty channel and I'm not playing, there is a little hum, but nothing I can't live with.

If you plug the DS-1 or boost directly in-front of the amp, with no other pedals in the chain, do you get the same amount of noise? I'm sort of inclined to think that it might be the DS-1 causing problems since you said its noisy, and has been heavily modded.

My only other suggestion is to rotate all the pedals individually in-front of the amp, to try to isolate which one(s) might be causing noise. I'm assuming you probably done this already tho, based on your OP. Try all you're cables and adaptors too, to try to isolate what might be the source of the noise.
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Get an insulated power supply and stop using the line out from the AC2.

I'll try that. This is no little hum. I could live with that, or even the digitized hiss from the Hush. This is so loud as to be unpleasant when I hit my boost or distortion. The chorus is noisy but I can live with it. I have another rehearsal today for a pretty major show we have coming up. I'll try both of these suggestions today. Thanks!
I went early to rehearsal today and switched some stuff around. There is still some noise but its better than it was. I think I can deal with it now. Thanks for the help.