I got my humble super-budget home demo recording gear somewhat set up, having my guitar, amp and audio interface sitting at my living room. I also have a few recording programs, Sonar and Reaper, but I might upgrade to Cubase or a Pro Tools or something if need be. What do you think, is it worth the money to upgrade the recording software if I only use it to record bedroom quality demos and unfinished songs?

But the software I'm more interested in is the mastering and engineering software. What kind of plug-ins or any other software are necessary and/or useful in home recording? I mean aside from the recording platform itself, stuff that you can use to further tweak the sound and make it sound more professional. I'd appreciate anyone mentioning some high-end software as well as budget software.

Thanks in advance

PS. I'm using a windows PC. not a mac.
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It seems like your wanting 2 things. You are happy with bedroom demos and a sketchpad of musical ideas. But you want to make that professional sounding? May i ask why?
Well hey man, if you have the money for it, why the hell not ?

It's like eating a steak at buffalo or at entrecote. Same steak, price difference is about 20 euros, but you get better treatment for the other, even though the outcome is the same for both, in the other case you had a more pleasant time.

It's the same thing for softwares to be honest. I really advise you to stick to one recording tool, and pick the one that is more comfortable to you. Don't go cubase or protools just because some people often say they use them. I use fruity loops, probably the least recommended software of them all, but I'm used to it and I know most functions and it allows me easier recording and therefore I save time.

If you are familiar with Sonar and Reaper, then there is no need to upgrade in my opinion, because if you do, it's going to be time consuming to get used to the program and settings.
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>super-budget home demo recording gear
>high-end software

I'm hoping that doesn't mean what it seems like it does but there's no need for expensive software.

VladgSoft's "Limiter No. 6" and "Molot" are very good for mastering. The Antress Modern suite of plugins are very good. I particularly like the ModernConsoleEQ (Exactly what it sounds like) and ModernDeathcore (A Distressor clone). Don't underestimate the inbuilt REAPER plugins either. ReaGate is still my go to noise gate every time, and if I want a more exact EQ I go straight to ReaEQ. The last plugin pack I'd recommend looking into is the VarietyOfSound plugins. I run absolutely everything through BootEQ as if it was the inputs on an analogue console, and FerricTDS is one of the best tape saturation plugins out there.
High-end quality wise, not price wise. And thank you, that is exactly the kind of stuff I'm talking about So I guess I'm good to go with Reaper, and I'll look into those plug-ins.

And the reason I'm talking about budget quality equipment is not because I want to use or have to use them price-wise, I'm currently focusing on demo recordings since I'll move to another city in a year or so so I don't want to focus on big, heavy and expensive recording gear, instead I think that simple software updates help a lot more in my current situation.
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Molot is an amazing plug. I use it a lot.
Luftikus is a very interesting EQ and is also free.