Price or Trade Value : £1300
For sale: AMPEG SVT-CL and AMPEG 410HLF

Evening, all!
Been putting this off for weeks, as it was a dream come true getting this amp and so reluctant to get rid of it, but thought I'd do the better thing and give people the opportunity to share this dream.
For sale is my wonderful (American Made, [2005 I believe, but would have to check for sure]) Ampeg SVT-CL along with the matching 410HLF cab. I acquired both early April last year (both the cab and head from separate members on this forum, who must have been some of the nicest people you could have met, honestly!) and I'd say it had only seen around 8/9 gigs. The head came from a guy named Tom, who was previously in a band called Brinkman, who once toured with the one and the only Paul Weller! Tom kept the amp in great condition inside, and as with all SVT-CL's its incredibly aesthetically pleasing, indeed! Pictured is the nook on the front, and the tolex is a tad scratched in a few places but nothing in dire need of changing, at all. Just before I bought it also, the valves were replaced and had a quick once over from Tube Distinctions. Mark kept the cab in great condition also. Amp plays incredibly, but, (not a big but, but a but but) will be brutally honest, when the amp is initially turned on, the fan makes a whirring noise which is quite disturbing to start, however once the amp's warmed up (2-5mins), it disappears entirely. Was looking to sort this problem (maybe by buying a new fan) but could do with this shifting pretty soon as I'm needing money to save up for moving to uni (hopefully) at the end of this year! Bloody uni fees are a killer, so pretty much selling my soul to pay for living (Damn you, Gove ). As I said previously, the Amp is an absolute beaut to play, and this rig can definitely shift some air. Will be looking to sell both together, not separately, and will not be looking for trades. More than welcome to come try this beast out, (collection however, due to the sheer weight of both), I live in Oswestry, nr. Shrewsbury. Just letting you know, by buying this amp, you'll be making a - hopeful - uni student a happier one indeed!

Any queries, feel free to message me