So I've got a lot of FX and a lot of amps. I think it would be cool to hear what you guys think I should set up, or what you would like to hear in a live setting. I'm playing in a cover band as the only guitarist because I can't write worth shit, the current set list is pretty broad and obvious focus is big bands of the 70s-

Floyd: Breath, Hey you, Comfortably Numb
Van Halen: Eruption, Mean Street, Somebody Get Me A Doctor
Ozzy/Sabbath: NIB, Paranoid, Bloody Sabbath, Mr Crowley, Crazy Train <---These songs get axed if there isn't enough time
Zeppelin: Ramble On, 10 Years Gone, Stairway
Dance the Night Away
And then we end with House of the Rising Sun

The amps at my disposal-
MB: Dual Rec, Mark V, Mark I clone
A David Bray 100 watt plexi w/ master volume
Fender: All 65 reissues but hacked into heads, Twin, Deluxe, and Bassman
Orange Rockerverb 100 MK2
EVH 5150 III
A friend's Friedman BE-100 and Suhr SL68

The board I'm thinking of throwing together is a Maxon808, Strymon El Capistan, a Phase 90, TC Dreamscape since it has some nice chorus and an EVH sounding flanger, Strymon timeline, Morley, some sort of expression pedal so I can get crazy with the Floyd stuff.

I don't have any A/B equipment or a foot controller, but I could get those, I've got cash to burn. Whichever head I use is going through a 4x12 Greenback cab.

So what do you guys think? What amp/amps should I use and I'll take any recommendations for changes to the pedalboard.
I'm always screwing with my rig. Muh chilluns:
Warmoth NRFR strat JB/Jazz
Mesa Boogie Royal Atlantic, Diezel 2x12
Turbo tuner, J Cantrell wah, Alesis 3630
Green Rhino, Wampler Velvet, Strymon ElCap/Lex, Phase 45
Friedman and/or the Shur

Most of what you play is Plexi-ish tones
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Krank Rev 4x12 (eminence V12)
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Morley Bad Horsie 2
MXR Smart Gate
Dual Rec.

Because metal.
I shouldn't post when drunk..

15 Jackson SLATHX-m 3-7 Slime green
Squier std tele (modded to hell)

Engl Powerball
Laney Ironheart 60h
Zilla Superfatboy 2x12 v30's

Keep it simple. Any Mesa will cover this gig and your pedals will be fine.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
The only suggestion I'll make is that you get some kind of rotary effect for your board- very handy for nailing DG's tone. He uses it in a very subtle, minimalist way. For example:

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I'd probably just use the Mark V, the minimum effects that you need and whichever guitars you like most. Keep it simple.
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