Hi everyone,

I have a ESP Ltd EC-1000T which is two humbuckers (Seymour Duncan Alnico 2 4 conductor), two volume one knob configuration with three way toggle switch.
I recently bought two push pulls to do coil splits on both humbuckers but found a diagram for dual coil split on one switch and out of phase for the other. So i decided to go that route.
I used a diagram from guitarelectronics.com which I added color codes from Seymour Duncan color codes and changed the path of the wires to make it easier to read. I have supplied a picture in the attachments.

I have never wired anything except for a guitar pedal kit from BYOC a couple years ago and I don't have any knowledge of electronics. but the the end result was a success, so now I have dual coil splits and out of phase from the neck. Now comes my question.

I noticed that on dual split diagram from guitarelectronics.com is wired for inner slug coils. Is it possible to have it wired so Instead of having inner slugs from the neck pickup I have the outer coils(adjustable screws) wired. I have seen both types of coil splits from the Seymour Duncan image I have supplied in the attachments.

I notice that the wires in use in the outer coil split are being used for the out of phase switch, so it might not be possible. ??
Coil splitting..jpg
I don't see any reason to not be able to swap inner vs. outer in the other diagram...