Hi guys, just recently bought an Ibanez J Custom Rg8420zd , however it has gauge 10 on , and i use gauge 9.

I'm familiar with floyd roses, and i know that when changing gauges you usually have to tighten the springs at the back. However i've read that with the edge it's a must after a gauge change to adjust the trus rod, i don't like messing around with trus rods, i'd rather not break the 2200$ Guitar's neck .

Now question , restringing from gauge 10 to gauge 9 , do i have to adjust trus rod? or will adjusting the spring at the back be sufficient?

And one more question, i've been restringing floyd roses for a while by putting a tool in the socket so it doesn't sink , rather than 1 string a time, i've read with the edge zero it's a must to do it 1 string a time?

Any clarifications, help is appreciated.

Please realize that i'll only take it to a professional if i have to, setting it up here would cost me roughly 300$ and i'm not rich, definitely not after buying this!

Thanks guys
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Only do a truss rod adjustment if it needs it. It's not a must to do it one-string at a time. There's just no reason not to. It's a lot easier.