I play classical guitar alot and I love playing south american and spanish songs, and recently stumbled upon Gustavo Santaollala and his amazing music. He plays an instrument called a ronroco, and I have been thinking of buying one and I was just posting this to see if anyone on here has had any experience with them, and if someone could tell me the best place to buy them from. PS: Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section.
I am in a similar situation and I am searching for one as well , I'll add my 2 cents.
This is a pain in the arse to find , depending on where you are based. Most luthiers are based either in bolivia or argentina. You most certainly should have a look at your local Folk music store , if you are in luck they might have one in stock. Considering your luck ran out .. These are the options i came across.



One from these will be a hit or a miss.. it's like a lottery from what I hear.

If you want a custom built by a luthier , you can check

Pablo Richter: ( He built the one gustavo uses)


Pablo Kiernan


Good luck mate.