I have a HSS strat that currently has all passive pickups and i would like to change the bridge pup to an active one, My current plans are to remove one of the tone pots and replace it with a 25k volume for the active. So, i would have 2 volume pots and one tone.( I don't use the tone really at all for the middle and neck and i don't want a tone for the bridge at all.)and run the output of each volume pot into the selector switch and switch to output jack.(stereo of course) So that the middle and neck get the 250k pot and the bridge gets the 25k pot. and disable somehow the middle/bridge setting on the 5 way switch.

Now, my question is would there be any pop when switching from middle to bridge?
I've read that there may be a pop when switching from middle to bridge.

btw i almost always use the bridge pup, so volume drop would be ok.

And if this is a dumb question sorry.
There is a good chance that there will be a pop or unwanted noise when switching. I heard that 5-way switches do not really work when combining active & passive pups. If you make sure that the wires are clean and have good contact, you will lessen the odds of of a noise being emmited. Keep in mind that the impendances are different, so when you have two pickups with difference impendance, it is ideally going to have something emmited whether it being a loss of volume and responsiveness. You're best bet is to purchase a 3-way selector and try it.