Hey guys I know there is no substitute for hands on experience, but how would an absolute beginner to the craft go about getting started? Some of you guys have inspired me and I want to make my own too!
sully's guitar garage on youtube is great. also, this GB&C forum is great, and so is project-guitar.com

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It's cool you recommended that book because I already had it on my list wich helps me feel better about the purchase. I was wondering what the basic tools I would need right off would be. I know I will need a router, clamps, files and rasps, and stuff like that but is it necessary to have a table saw and bandsaw to get started?
I didn't bother with that book, but I did do plenty of research on the internet. It'll probably make life easier for you, because everything you need is already prepared. I'll also second Sully's YouTube channel for the quality of videos and number of topics he covers. Boards like this are essential too, even if you just want to sound-off a few ideas.

IMHO, a bench planer/jointer would be great for starting. Having something like that means you don't have to spend ages worrying about the quality of your joins, which are obviously important. If you want to save money, you can cope without a table saw or band saw, especially if you have a decent jigsaw and router.

Are you thinking about making necks yourself? Also, do some research into set-ups, including fretwork and practice on an old guitar if you can. Creating the most beautiful guitar in the world is pointless if it plays like a dog.
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Creating the most beautiful guitar in the world is pointless if it plays like a dog.

That is a very good point, I still need to do a bunch of homework. I have a few older guitars right now I am working on refinishing, rewiring and maybe some fret work. Eventually I want to be able to build a complete one off custom neck and all.
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