So I built a volume boost, a tube screamer, and a fuzz face, and I plan to cram them all into one enclosure for the sake of simplicity. Seeing as its only going to have one input and output what should go where?
Maybe this is a better question for the DIY thread, but I was also going to build a buffer that is controlled by a toggle switch. Does anyone know if I could just use a toggle switch to control the buffer I already built on the ts9 regardless of whether the ts9 is on or not/without affecting the tone of the tube screamer?
Well after player around a bit I think Ill go with ts, ff, volume boost
Alot of people say the ts9's buffer shouldn't go before the ff but it sounded pretty weird after it
IMO, I put my fuzz before my OD. Volume I would put last.
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Quote by AWACS
IMO, I put my fuzz before my OD. Volume I would put last.

This. My Fuzz Face gets pretty raunchy when it's after the Tubescreamer.
Personally I don't like the sound of Fuzz before OD, but Fuzz Faces act weird if you put a buffered pedal before them (more nasally/nasty and almost no low end).

Volume boost should come last cause. Otherwise you're just boosting gain.
I was playing around with them today again I think I will put the ff before the ts, not sure why it was giving me so much trouble the first time (Ill blame it on the germanium transistors)