I have been taking lesson on my Yamaha 700s acoustic for about 3 months after 2 years of Youtube learning..I was doing ok but my teacher is teaching me more flat picking (i guess is what its called) than anything,guess he see's i have the strumming chords down fairly well..

He has me playing for instance,A,D,Em,G ...Wagon wheel but picking the bass note of each chord..I am having a heck of a time after 2-3 weeks of just hitting the string i want..For instance picking the bass note of the D chord,the D string sometimes i am on it sometimes i am not. ...how or what can i do to sharpin my flat picking one string skills...Thanks you All !!!
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Being able to play single notes on demand is pretty much a necessary skill. This exercise your teacher is doing is kind of the first step.... Bass note-chord. Bass-note, chord.....

Then, alternating bass notes, then bass "runs" (short figures to connect chords.... Till you can play melodic lines on any string.

Try doing it nice and slow... It'll come. I started out learning the bluegrass "boom-chick" the same way, thought it would take me forever to get the bass-note up-down chord strum going. But once it clicked, it clicked.
I agree with Bikewer - the rhythm approach you are learning is invaluable for all styles.

That being said, I would encourage you to jump into lead playing as well. Learn some Tony Rice. Some of his instructional videos are on you tube. Whether or not you like bluegrass, the riffs are so melodic that they stand on their own, it's a great way to practice flat picking on acoustic.