An intriguing read if im 100% honest.

Its written in a fashion that is by itself commonly obnoxious and at times I found myself thinking it was trying to hard to be funny. I suppose most articles on these topics are like this though.

Despite that it held some truth to it (duh). The last 90's early 00's teen mainstream really was AmericanPieCore. Yet you can argue that that wasn't the only thing strong at the time. Nu-Metal was doing OK with Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Slipknot etc. and Soft Grunge like Staind, Nickelback and Creed.

Personally I think that the Pop-Punk of recently is already much different to the AmericanPieCore. I feel you can tell that Pop-Punk bands like Paramore and You Me At Six are not from the same time period as AmericanPieCore Pop-Punk such as Blink-182, Sum 41 and Saves The Day.

Like back then, there was some variety and I think there will always be some degree of it in the mainstream, it needs it.

As for the new wave of converted/converged genre bands, I already see it happening. Deaf Havana were a Post-Hardcore outfit in the late 00's and now they're an indie folk rock band. The breakthrough of folk influence in mass music mainstream such as Mumford and Sons, Of Monsters and Men, Ben Howard, The Lumineers etc has definitely left an indication that "Hey! People like these sounds".

Genre is always subject to change, and with music where genre can be one of the most essential parts of identification with a band, its easy to criticize and analyse the trends. It's an industry where star image, comforting gratifications and audiences can be toggled with by a simple change of clothes, a different guitar and tunings.

My own personal opinion of the state of music and the self awareness of the mainstream and non-mainstream industry is that we're at a point of seeking something new and we're getting something new but the people that complain aren't getting what they want. We're seeking for it through our favourite bands of past days and successful peers around us which is why it sounds familiar and there is a trend to it.
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