Hello people on ultimate guitar, my name is tycoonman123. I've been playing guitar for about a year now. I've learned by looking at YouTube videos, a little bit of Rocksmith, and private lessons. My favorite type of Music is Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, and Thrash Metal. But, i'm still loyal to good old classic rock. I am 17 years old and i'm a senor in High School.
My first guitar was a Fender squire or whatever it was called. I still have it but i use a badass ibanez Gio guitar. It's not a top of the line but it sounds very hot. I have a nice Peavy VYPYR VIP 1 amp. It has a nice metal tone to it. My dream guitar is a Gibson White Flying V.
Some of my major flaws in playing guitar is sometimes i play sloppy. My hands are small and fat(i'm a big boy) so it's hard to make some chords.

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Glad to be a member here. I am entry level guitar player and would like to know more here.