Hey guys. I was a little bored today so I thought I would show you guys what I'm working on. I'm working on this for a friend of mine. Its a righty tele with a reverse headstock, limba body/neck, ambrosia maple drop top, and flame maple fretboard. 22 XJ frets. He wants to add bare knuckle pickups and is going to send them to me soon. I'm waiting on the bridge, tuners, and pickups from him. Once I get that, I'll resume this build. I still haven't figured out how to mount the pickups since he doesn't want mounting rings, he wants it body mounted. Enjoy!

Also, I built a small drum sander. It took a few days to make, especially with the drum being made of small 1/2" MDF circles glued together, but it turned out very good. It sands well and I can get very low with the thickness.

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