I play a Jackson Dinky. It came with 09's, but I prefer the slightly thicker strings.
I've noticed in the past, with various guitars, when I switch from 09's, to 10's, I sometimes end up with fret buzz. Yet, I've always read that the added string tension should reduce string movement, thereby reducing buzz. Before now, there was absolutely no noticeable buzz, but perhaps there could have been some.

Now, I have read (at other sources) that increased string tension pulls the neck more. Could it be that my neck is so concaved, as to cause buzzing? I thought I did remember the action being lower too, which is odd, considering lower action usually indicates fret buzz. Do I need to tighten the neck a 1/4 turn? The neck has never been touched on this guitar, as it was always fine with the 9's. Now, I think I spy a very marginal (if any) gap at the trem...as in, it may not be sitting exactly flush with the body...but we're only talking, literally, little over a "a hair's" clearance.

On my ESP, I switched from the original 9's, to 10's and had to do nothing more than tighten the springs on the Floyd. All else was fine...though, again, it would seem the action is slightly higher there too, now.
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All strings are not equal. Different makers make their strings differently. One brand of strings will have a slightly different tension than another brand of strings of the same gauge.

From what I've experienced over the years, DR makes their strings with the most tension, but I don't really like the tone of them. Rotosound has nice tight strings to.

As for your floyd, you'll have to adjust that thing any time you change string brands, gauge, and tunings. Real pain the in rear.