I'm not sure which one of these I should go for, so I'm hoping to get some opinions from users/owners.

First I'll say that the price difference isn't an issue. It's simply choosing the best one for what I want.

1: Now, I'm interested in the X3 mainly be cause of Meshuggah. I know that the X3 is legendary for djent tones. I've searched Youtube, but I haven't been able to find any of these types of tones really replicated super well on an HD500. Has anyone been able to pull it off? I know the HD500 is much more realistic and dialed back - is that a reason why it maybe can't cop those tones?

2: Whichever one I get I will use with bass, straight to PA. Now, I know the bass amp/cab model in the HD500 is fantastic, at least to my ears especially considering that it's basically an afterthought and considering the price. But I haven't really heard anything noteworthy about any of the bass models in the X3. Any experience or opinions there?

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