Got this Hamer V from a friend which has had custom pickups put in it, had a few questions for anyone who might know:

1. Does anyone know what pickups have been installed, they don't look familiar to me.

2. The tone of this guitar is way too bassy and muddy, I'm running it straight into an Orange Dual Terror (occasionally using a compressor pedal but mostly just for noise sections) playing 80s hardcore/crossover thrash/southern hardcore/sludge punk/blah blah blah (just go with punk, that'll do!)
I was wondering if there was something I could do with rewiring, maybe swapping for a lower value cap or something along those lines. My only other immediate option is to swap it out completely for a stock ibanez artcore hollowbody pickup, but I'm guessing that wouldn't be high enough gain for what I'm after.

Can't put reasonably sized images on here so you can take a look at some pics here:

Cheers for any help you can offer!
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Best solution is getting a better pickup. Stock humbucker are usually quite muddy.

The pickup itself looks like a Dimarzio x2n clone. To see what it is just pull it out and see if it has anything written on it, as they usually do.