Hey, everyone.
I'm planning to upgrade my guitar (I've been playing for about a year now), and was having difficulty deciding which one to buy.

The Ibanez AW300ECE, AW370ECE, The Takamine EG340SC,440SC or the Yamaha FG 730s.

I play TONS of John Mayer. Finger picking mostly. Strumming, occasionally.
I also intend to play lots of percussive style pieces.
I played a few John Mayer songs on the FG730s a few months back, and they sounded a little too heavy- It din't sound like it should, according to me. I might be wrong, though. Haven't tried the others.

I'd greatly appreciate your advice.

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If your issue is "too heavy sounding", you should not be looking at at another dreadnought. A concert size body, or even a jumbo, will be tighter in the bass. Dreads kinda have a rep for boom, no matter who's doing the building.

That said, you're not going to get any traction on an Ibanez recommendation here.

You will however, get plenty with the Yamaha. The Yammies get recommended all the time her, and the buyers have come back happy. I'd throw the Seagull S-6 in for consideration, and the least expensive Guild, "GAD", (Chinese Guild), into the mix. There's also the Gretsch "Rancher" jumbo, with the triangular sound hole. It's in your price range, it looks cool as hell, (+1 on the fire engine red), but I haven't heard it either.

Are you able to listen to any of them, or is this buy going to be, "sight unheard"?

I have two laminated Ibanez in the large body, (AEL10 & EW20 Ash). The sound is fair, at best. They are however, nicely made and appointed.

I'm not familiar with the two Ibanez you're contemplating, so my E-pinion is apples to oranges, and for all intents and purposes, mostly worthless.
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Captaincranky nailed it, and if you must have a dread, i, too, would suggest the seagull S6. if you're going guild, maybe you could get a smaller guitar - they have some nice ones. i don't know much acoustic john mayer, but martin's john mayer sig guitar is a 00, so smaller might be better.
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Thanks for your help.

The problem is that my options are extremely limited, due to low availability.
I really liked the Taylor Big Baby, but I just couldn't find it anywhere.
The only options I have in terms of brands are Yamaha, Takamine, Ibanez, Fender, Epiphone, Walden and Hofner. It's unlikely that I'll find anything else, although I might just be able to find the Seagull S6. I'll really have to scout for it though.
The Takamine EG340SC , EG440SC, those any good?

Also, since I intend to play percussive, won't it be somewhat difficult on a smaller bodied guitar?

And just to be clear, you're recommending that I don't consider Ibanez?
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we recommend that you choose the one that "speaks to you". you'll know it when you play it. it may be way over or under your budget...don't matter, just get that one... even if you have to knock off a few 7-11's
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
I've played the seagull and liked it. Actually, I went into the music store with $1500 and played everything I could. I ended up bringing home the 730 S Yamaha for a lot less than I intended to spend. To my ear, the sound was more even than the martin or the seagull. It had a kind of gibson sound. Every epiphone I tried had something wrong with it. The Ibanez guitars were also set up horribly so they were almost unplayable. Actually, one of the epiphones had a fret that was not even all the way into the fretboard and the salesman at GC tried to go back and do a neck adjustment, even after I showed him what the problem was.
Anyway, the 730 isn't as boomy as some of the others and is great to sing with.