So I was looking for a solution for my solos occasionally being drowned out while playing in live situations in my band. I've gotten tired of messing with my amp volume knobs, and rocking foot pedal so I was thinking of investing in either an eq or boost pedal, as I've heard those are typical solutions. I had been planning on getting a tc-helicon for my vocals, as I sigh a few songs, and I love using our lead singers box on occasion. After looking at the prices of booster pedals, I figured I'd rather just save up the extra hundred or so and get the tc-helicon with the guitar effects built in. It doesn't say anything about a booster inside, but I do know it has an eq and programmable channels, I'd assume It would have a volume feature I could use to "boost" to help my solos cut through. Most of my solos involve distortion, but I have a few clean as well. I don't really plan on using the guitar effects, I have other pedals for that, just the vocal processor, and hopefully "a boost" for my leads.

Short version: is anyone familiar of the tc-helicon Gtx would be a suitable "boost" option for my guitar, and then I could enjoy piggybacking the vocal features I enjoy, or should I just wait a few months and get the vocal version and get something like the boss fb-2 now.