I am very interested in purchasing my first 7 string guitar, and I have a few questions . I currently own an Ibanez RG series guitar that I keep in Drop B with 13-56 D'Addario Medium gauge Jazz strings (because I like the G string wound). I would like to own a 7 string to play songs in drop G tuning (from what I understand, that is GDGCFAD), but I would like to kill two birds with one stone and have the standard 6 strings in Drop C tuning (CGCFAD). Is it possible to do GCGCFAD tuning for a 7 string? I am aware that Lee from Born of Osiris says that he plays in drop C on the bottom 6 strings of his 7 string, ignoring the lowest string. He then switches back to GDGCFAD to play their 7 string songs? The guitar I want is a Sterling JP70, and it has a modern floating trem. What can I do? I don't think I can switch tunings whenever I want with that. I don't understand how he would. Also, what gauge strings? Sorry for the long post.
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Such a thing is easily doable, provided the guitar is set up for that tuning. The 2nd guitarist in my band (we use 7 strings in drop A) has occasionally brought his 8 string to rehersal just for laughs and to make it work he has it tuned EAEADGBE, so the top 7 strings are tuned to our normal drop A and then the 8th is a low E. Takes a bit of thinking to make it all work but he manages. As to gauges that's really up to you. On my drop A 7 string I use an ordinary 6 string 10-52 set for the top strings and .066 for my low A.