Hey UG community, I'm doing a statistics investigation for a math class and I decided to compare the color of one's main guitar (the one that you instinctively reach for) and their main genre (blues, jazz, rock, metal etc.). Can you tell me your main guitar's color (sunburst, red, blue, black, natural) and whether you play classic rock (Led Zeppelin, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, etc.), Jazz (i.e. Pat Metheny, George Benson, Mike Stern) or Punk (The Clash, Sex Pistols, The Ramones)?
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For your survey, you might want to narrow the options to a few broad musical genres- some genres are very balkanized, so your analysis could be bogged down in minutia.

Also, IME, UG seems to be very metal oriented, so you may want to post about your study on multiple guitar sites to get better data.
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Thanks for the input. I'll definitely check out some other sites and narrow it down.
Blue and I play Punk, Metal, Classic rock
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Red. Rock (blues).
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w/ Airline Vintage Voiced Single Coil Pickups
Well, when I'm mainly playing rock (not currently, but have spent long periods focused in that genre in the past) I reach for my heritage cherry (red) guitar.
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White: rock, metal, blues, jazz
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I use 2 guitars equally.

Azure blue metallic: rock, post-rock, indie rock, punk, pop-punk.

Cherry sunburst: rock, alternative metal, melodic metalcore, progressive metal.
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I have a cherry red SG and a matte white Ibanez, I play rock, blues, metal, alternative and jazz with both.
Fluorescent Pink - Hard rock.

An Ibanez RG 25th Anniversary Model, to be more specific.
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alternative rock- black with red accents first act (my only electric)
country (or anything else really) black epiphone
I have an ocean water burst, black, and white guitar. I play metal
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Black, I play metal (who could have seen that coming).
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2 main guitars (singles, humbuckers) black, red. of course that is right now. I have had guitars of all kinds of colors over the years and don't really care that much. I play classic hard rock and blues rock
Tobaccoburst (orange?) - a little bit of everything, mainly hard rock.

And looking back on it, the 3 other guitars I own/have owned have been red; same genres played as before.
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2 guitars - 1 is a crazy sparkle blue and the other is a honey blonde (cream) - i play mostly surf and some old metal.
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